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Drafting, Plotting & Engineering Supplies

At P&H White Printing Ltd. and Barrie Blue Printing (Division of P&H), we offer a variety of supplies to assist with your needs, including:

Drafting Supplies (Largest Selection in Ontario)

  • Drafting Templates, Scales, Leads, Lead Holders

  • Drafting Pencils, Compasses, Erasers, Set Squares

  • Clearprint Drafting Vellum (1000H, 1020) plain or gridded

  • Sketch paper (onion skin) white or canary

  • Chartpak/Pickett storage tubes

  • Drafting Mylar

  • Plus so much more….

Plotting Supplies (Wide Format)

  • Plotter Bond (20lb., 24lb.)

  • Inkjet Mylar, Translucent Bond, Vellum

  • Ink Cartridges or Dry Toner

Engineering Copier/Plotter Supplies

  • 20lb. bond paper (17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36" x 500FT, 3" Core)

  • Plotters (Ink or Toner Based) 

  • Toner

Office Supplies

  • Photocopy paper

  • Laser & ink cartridges & toner

  • Mailroom supplies

  • Filing & storage supplies

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